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Finna Bella Aurea


born 23-March-2015
Finna, 23-Apr.-16
Finna, 9-Sep.-17
Finna, 13-Feb.-19

pedigree, front   pedigree, back

record SPKP 3007/18, breeding bitch
color gold
microchip 941000016041679
FCI B/B rtg. 27-July-2016
FCI 0/0  rtg. 27-July-2016
eyes dark
without hereditary and congenital defects - atest
genetic tests prcd-PRA clear by parentage
GR-PRA1 clear, GR-PRA2 clear
ICT-A affected without clinical symptoms
NCL-F clear, DEB clear, GRMD clear
teeth scissor bite, complete
high 54,5 cm
show titles
the Slovak Beauty Champion - diploma
CACIB, BOS, 2x CAC, 5x res.CAC
work exams JSR 1st price, CACT - certificate 13-Oct.-2016
SRPMZ 2nd price
FSR 2nd price
LSR 1st price
VSR 2nd price, all-purpose hunting dog
VP 1st price
G 15-May-2019 sire CH Dream Max Ricci

    JSR retriever exam for the little game
    SRPMZ complex exam of little game retrieving
    FSR bloody trace exam for retrievers
    LSR forest exam for retrievers
    VSR all-round exam for retrievers
    VP special exam on water work