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Finna Bella Aurea


born 23-March-2015
Finna, 23-Apr.-16
Finna, 23-Feb.-17
Finna, 9-Sep.-17

pedigree, front   pedigree, back

record SPKP 3007
color gold
microchip 941000016041679
B/B rtg. 27-July-2016
0/0  rtg. 27-July-2016
eyes dark
without hereditary and congenital defects - atest 29-Apr.-2018
genetic tests GR-PRA1 clear - examination 23-Jan.-2017
GR-PRA2 clear - examination 23-Jan.-2017
teeth scissor bite, complete
high 54,5 cm
show titles the Slovak Beauty Champion - diplom
CACIB, BOS, 2x CAC, 5x res.CAC
work exams JSR 1st price, CACT - certificate 13-Oct.-2016
FSR 3rd price, 20-May-2017
LSR 3rd price, 21-May-2017
JSR 1st price, 3-Sep.-2017
SRPMZ 2nd price, 1-Oct.-2017
FSR 2nd price, 19-May-2018

    JSR retriever exam for the little game
    FSR bloody trace exam for retrievers
    LSR forest exam for retrievers
    SRPMZ complex exam of little game retrieving